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Alpine select apex g1 3l jacket
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Worlds Most advanced alpine jacket
Apex G1 Alpine Select™ Jacket
Apex G1 Alpine Select™ Jacket
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The Apex G1 Alpine Select™ Jacket is new innovations in performance sports outwear. We designed this jacket to achieve is increased durability in the outer shell during rigorist use at alpine elevations. The advancements in polyurethane allows us to eliminate the pores within the membrane. Conventional microporous membranes like Gore-Tex can be subject to clogging by dirt and sweat reducing the moisture wicking capabilities. The difference is our membrane uses molecules that have a high affinity to water that is able to transport the moisture from interior to the exterior.

The hydrophilic molecules move rapidly when the temperature is increased no matter if it’s from the surrounding temperature or your body producing heat. In theory this jacket regulates your body temperature with the changing conditions whether its your activity or the climate itself. If the humidity and warmth were increased in the jacket’s interior, the difference between the outside and inside temperature causes a reaction of the molecules to transport the moisture outside of the face fabric.


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 All garments are lab and athlete tested


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Apex G1 Alpine Select™ JacketApex G1 Alpine Select™ FleeceApex G1 Alpine Select™ PantHörnli 1221 Alpine Select™ GlovesAndes A2 Alpine Select™ Hat

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Alpine Select™ is designed for those that want to push the edges of exploration and need lightweight premium gear to keep the focused and comfortable on long expeditions. Summit Ridge Co. dialed down on each piece of apparel and focused the functionality on Alpinism, Ski Mountaineering, Snowboarding and Ice Climbing. These garments are used for extreme adventurers and top tier alpinists that understand the importance of quality gear when on expeditions. Having premium gear is the essence of fluidity, the less interference the more you get accomplished and the more you can Capture Your Experience.

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Alpine Select™

A fine combination of minimalist and rugged alpine gear to give apparel longevity even when being subject to harsh alpine conditions throughout the lifespan.  Alpine Select ™ uses new technology of low-density fibers in to give the lightweight appeal while placing more durable fibers in high wear and tear areas giving the garments an elegant flow of functionality. The Garments are fully seamed, keeping you dry when the weather doesn’t cooperate. The ultimate goal is for the garment to operate as seamless as possible to keep focus on the goal at hand.

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Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
Capture Your Experience ($1 Quote)
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Capture Your Experience

The main goal of Summit Ridge, is to tell a story from the landscape we travel. We travel around the United States capturing footage only eyes could experience and turning those experiences into a story.

Summit Ridge uses the latest video equipment and has a dedicated team of  mountaineer cinematographers that will capture your expedition and tell your story through film. Our team will travel to your location and will construct a route that will best capture your moment. Whether it be mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing or ski/snowboard from 1 day to weeks, we will be there to tell your story with professional cinematic effects. BRING YOUR EXPERIENCE HOME WITH YOU

Click "BOOK YOUR VIDEO" to get started today!

Become A SRC Athlete

If your interested in becoming a summit ridge co. athlete and receiving benefits from becoming an athlete, then feel free to contact us. Some of the benefits are receiving new and upcoming products to test out in the elements, also have our dedicated team of cinematographers capture your upcoming projects. Not only that you will be traveling to desired destinations to complete projects for promotion of the company. If you’re interested, please contact the to send in your mountain resume and we will look it over and get back to you

Digital Media

Summit Ridge also offer to film professional promotional videos for a product or a specific item that needs to be captured in the wilderness or mountainous terrain. The Summit Ridge team will make a high quality ad to your desired liking. We have cinematic techniques that we'll use to make your product stand out as one of a kind.  We will travel to a desire location that will best suit your product. 

If you have a project or product that needs high-quality video footage of outdoor terrain please email

Serious Inquires Only 


Summit Ridge Co was found in 2017 by two 21-year-old climbers, DeShawn Gilles and Andrew Rene after the idea brought up that they should start a company that travels to a customer and captures cinematic film of their backcountry experience. They then began to mold the business model to get all the details of how the film will be implicated as booking service. During this time the climbing team been on multiple expeditions to further their experience as a film team and home in their skills when working a camera while climbing. The official Summit Ridge Co. logo was designed with the Matterhorn not only because it’s a really cool mountain but because a route up the Matterhorn is virtually on the summit ridge the whole climb.  In 2018 the first Summit Ridge Co. website was up and running offer our services along with a small selection of T- Shirts.  As the sales of the T-Shirts and small camping items began to grow, in 2020 we decided to start creating high quality gear and garments that are specifically designed for the backcountry and focused mostly on climbing. As we began to readying the website for a new shopping model that allows customers to directly interact with the design of the product before release making us the first store to have customer built products. Summit Ridge Co. is a sustainable private company that promotes a healthy planet makes healthy people.