Capture Your Experience

Capture Your Experience is one of the first ever film services where customers are able to get a high-quality cinematic video for a great price. These films are professionally filmed and have hours of planning into each expedition to ensure the logistics make sense to find an optimal route, so we are able to capture your experience at the highest level, weather you summit or not there will always be an experience. Depending on the package you choose you are able to increase the level of cinematic you want your video. By doing this it will increase the number of cameramen we have on scene also opening up new opportunity to capabilities that will allow you to actually have your own movie.

The base package will include 3 cinematographers that will plan and construct a route up where they know the best filming points. Summit Ridge Co. will be using some of the latest film and drone technology to deliver a unique video for every experience. Our goal is to have customer satisfied with the ending product and we have no doubt that we can do that for each customer. You are able to choose on the service page your expedition date and what time you will arrive at the trailhead. When choosing this date make sure it is 1 month before the trip date to give our team time to prepare.

We will arrive 1 day before the film date to get all of the gear set in place and scouting to confirm the route we have previously constructed. After the everything is filmed, we have a team of 2 video editors to do postproduction that will bring your video to life in ways you wouldn’t think were possible.

Must Order 1 Month Before Date Of Trip